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Aqualyx treatments are designed to break down stubborn areas of fat to help sculpt and refine your body

This can commonly be used in the abdominal area, legs, arms and chin, as well as for gynaecomastia in men

It usually requires several treatments spread about 3-4 weeks apart, and is a safe and convenient alternative to treatments such as traditional liposuction

This is not a fat loss treatment, but can help contour those areas that just don't respond well to normal diet and exercise

Aqualyx is a solution of deoxycholic acid which is injected in to these stubborn areas, and dissolves the fat cells, permanently!


Under chin area - £200 per session

Most other areas on the body - £220 per session


How long does it take?
- Consultations and treatments take 30-45mins

What are the risks?
- This needs to be discussed fully in person, and complications are thankfully rare. However, the most common problems are with bruising, mild swelling and some slight stinging. The most significant potential complication is skin necrosis, but when done by a trained professional, this is very rate, and something none of our clients have ever experienced. We always follow up our clients, and try make sure that you get the outcome you want.

How will I look after?
- There can be a little bit of swelling after the treatment, and some areas can 
become slightly bruised. This is rarely too significant, but certainly something to be aware of. It may be a little bit uncomfortable for a couple of days after as all the inflammation settles down.


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