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Dermal fillers

We use Juvederm hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers, one of the only brands to be approved both in the UK, and in the more stringent USA market

HA is a normal component of collagen, and as such is a fantastic material to use for volumising and enhancing appearance

We always aim for a natural look, and to enhance the beauty you already have

We can use dermal fillers in many areas, including lips, tear troughs, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines (the ones beneath the corners of the mouth), non-surgical rhinoplasty as well as on the backs of hands and almost any other area that needs rejuvenation

In your consultation we will choose the most appropriate product for your needs, and guide you through the whole process

These fillers often last anywhere from 6 months to over 12 months, depending on the product used

The face loses volume in both the sub-dermal soft tissue and the facial skeleton as we age, and these products are a fantastic way to help turn back time and bring back that youthful glow


Lip enhancement - £220

Cheek enhancement - £270

Tear trough filler - £250

Angle of jaw - £270

Filler can be used in many other locations as well, and other prices are available on demand


How long does it take?
- Consultations and treatments take 15-30mins

What are the risks?
- This needs to be discussed fully in person, and complications are thankfully rare. However, the most common problems are with bruising and over/under correction. It is also possible to develop granulomas (small lumps) which may need to be removed. Most importantly, it is possible to cause necrosis of skin and areas of the face if the filler is placed in to a blood vessel, however, when performed by a trained surgeon, knowledgable on the facial anatomy, this is unlikely to occur. We have never had any clients complain of granulomas or areas of necrosis.
We always follow up our clients, and try make sure that you get the outcome you want.

How will I look after?
- There is usually a tiny bit of swelling immediately after at the injection sites, but this usually settles within a day or two. For the most part, you can go about your day as normal afterwards, however we do advise not doing anything too strenuous until the swelling has settled. We will discuss aftercare in more detail at your appointment though.


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